Gal Gadot Honored At The Critics' Choice Awards

Since its release, Wonder Woman has spurred on a positive message of strong women round the world and made over $800m at the box office. This year, a new award was given, to none other than the well deserved Wonder Woman herself. #SeeHer Award was created in order to recognize a woman that change stereotypes in the entertainment industry.
Gal was awarded, for being a strong woman who has certainly pushed the boundaries and changed stereotypes in entertainment to accurately portray women. The award was presented to the actress by her Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins on Jan. 11.
“We’re honored to recognize Gal this year with the second annual #SeeHer Award,” stated ANA CEO Bob Liodice. “Not only was she able to challenge stereotypes in film and find success by starring in one of the biggest blockbusters this year, she also used that success to shine a light on her own industry, and push the boundaries on gender equality in real life.”