Kim K Controversy: Racy Instagram Picture Taken By Her Daughter

Oh, Kim Kardashian. Whether you’re a fan or a foe, everybody has an opinion about the reality-star turned world-famous phenomenon. She’s divisive, she’s controversial, she’s absolutely everywhere and she is the undisputed queen of social media.
Now Kim is no stranger to causing a stir on Instagram. Each day she treats her millions of followers to salacious images featuring her fabulous life, her cars, her kids, and more frequently, her body. The advent of social media has led to mass desensitization when it comes to the nude female form, but it seems that there are some boundaries that still remain.

5 Days ago Kim posted yet another suggestive image, but this one was a little different. Instead of it being captured by herself or a professional photographer, the topless snap was shot by none other than Kim’ s four-year-old daughter, North. Let’s just say that people had something to say about it. Thousands of fans took to the comment section to convey a range of emotions, from rage to disgust. There were some who didn’t think that it was not worth the controversy. Many claimed there’s nothing wrong with seeing your mom nude, she breast fed and bathed you – so what’s the big deal?

This definitely was one Kim’s more inappropriate shenanigans but this might not be worth all the media fuss and scandalized outrage. We’ll let you decide the verdict on this one.