Ny Fashion Week Celebrates 10 Years Of Women

Christian Siriano’s fall 2018 collection proved that fashion should empower women and represent them in the world today. He selectively chose a diverse crew of women who’ve played a part in his work since his days on television. The crowd eagerly awaited, but no one expected quite such a fashion spectacle that it turned out to be. Strutting their stuff, curvy models, straight, Black, white, short, tall, women from different ethnic origins- it was a celebration for all.

His fall 2018 collection was also celebration of everything he’s done plus sized to slim, to ball gowns to short dresses, pantsuits, and jackets. Whether it was for the red carpet, or a night on the town, there was something for everyone.

Siriano is a designer to be admired. he doesn’t sacrifice his art for the sake of being trendy, and he is someone who puts women first. Finally.