5 Fantastic Reasons You Should Munch on Hemp Seeds

We’re living in an age with a fabulous and revitalized emphasis on healthy living. Yoga pants-wearing women are sipping on their health smoothies while the boys are headed to the gym to sweat out all of those toxins. If you’re looking for yet another way to add a healthy boost to your lifestyle, look no further than introducing the hemp seed to your daily meals. Here are all the nutritious reasons you should add these little super seeds to your diet.

Hemp seeds are a superb source of essential fatty acids. Like most other seeds, hemp seeds have a high-fat content, but these little guys are packed with all the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that you actually want in your body. The seeds are rich in linolenic acid; an omega-3 fatty acid that aids healthy growth, development and brain function.
They’ll keep your heart healthy. As we age, cardio-vascular health becomes more and more important. Regular consumption of hemp seeds will prevent heart disease, thanks to the omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids. The amino acid-rich superfood is also known to lower blood pressure.

They can promote weight-loss. These seemingly innocuous seeds are the ideal addition to a diet that aims to help you lose weight. The seeds are packed with fiber which helps to aid digestion and gut health. Hemp is also a natural appetite suppressant. Eating 3-4 tablespoons of hemp seeds with breakfast is known to curb hunger pangs throughout the day.
They’re especially good for the ladies! The super seeds are also known to effectively promote female reproductive health. The nutritional make-up of the seeds offers hormone-balancing benefits. They are known to reduce pre-menstrual side effects and ease menopausal symptoms.

They’re versatile and easy to include in your meals. These seeds can be eaten raw or roasted. Add a handful to a salad, a smoothie or a pan of roast veg. They have a lovely rich, nutty flavor. Use hemp seed oil to cook, as an addition to salad dressings or simply swallow a daily teaspoon to up your nutritional intake.