Our Best Lazy Girl Beauty Tips

Looking for some beauty hacks that will up your makeup regime without the added effort? We got you covered, girl! Here are a few our best beauty tips to keep you looking fresh-faced and gorgeous.

Foundation Fix

Contrary to popular belief, the best way to apply foundation is from the center of your face outward. This will avoid that dreadful mask-like appearance and the over-application of the foundation on your jawline and hairline.



The Magic Three

The absolute best way to apply your bronzer is in a three shape. Sweep the blush along the side of your forehead, then into the curve of your cheekbone and then down half the length of your jawline.



Sponge it Up

Forget using that old brush, using a sponge to apply your foundation is the absolute best way to achieve a smooth application. Apply with a gentle, rolling motion.



Verticle is Best

This might seem a little counter-intuitive, but trust us, it works wonders! Hold your mascara brush vertically. This will help to avoid clumpy eyelashes and achieve an even application.



Lady in Red

Red lipstick can be dramatic and sexy, but there’s nothing worse than a smudged attempt at the look. Use an earbud with some concealer on it to perfect the line of your lips for a flawless finish.


Triangle Power

Instead of applying the concealer along the oval shape of your eye, draw a down traingle. This will conceal dark circles and create the illusion that your face is lifted.



Terrific Tea

The easiest way to reduce the appearance of puffiness around your eyes is with tea bags! Soak the tea bags and let them cool then apply to the area beneath your eyes for five to six minutes. Green tea and chamomile work best.