Jenna and Channing Tatum Announce Surprise Separation

In yet another surprise split, Jenna and Channing Tatum have broken hearts with the announcement that they will be separating. After 9 years of marriage, the pair shared a joint statement revealing the news on their respective Instagram accounts. The heartfelt message outlines what appears to be a loving and amicable separation, with the couple claiming they still have profound love and respect for one another.

In what appeared to a swoon-worthy romance, the couple met on the set of their dance movie Step Up in 2006, began dating soon after and tied the knot in 2009. The actors have one child together, a daughter named Everly, who will turn 5 in May. Fans have always been invested in what seemed to be one of Hollywood’s more loving and stable marriages. It seems that love in the entertainment industry is a fickle friend. With all the heartbreak in the air, we can only wonder, who’s next?