A Quiet Place: A Review of the Movie the Internet Can't Get Enough Of

The internet, twittersphere and world of Facebook have been loudly discussing the latest thriller that is silently enthralling movie-goers: A Quiet Place. The movie stars and is directed by John Krasinski, the man you most probably recognize as lovable Jim Halpert from The Office. This electric horror is a far, piercing cry from the actor’s comedic roles.

Kransinki stars alongside his real-life wife, the beautiful and talented, Emily Blunt. Their offscreen intimacy undeniably adds to their onscreen chemistry, Krasinski has said that the film is a deeply insightful look at the grave lengths a man will go to in order to protect the lives of his loved ones. The movie follows Krasinski and Blunt as husband and wife. We soon discover they, and their three young children, are living in a post-apocalyptic world. This world, seemingly devoid of another human life, is governed by one rule: Remain silent and remain alive. Some unknown otherworldly force lives to perpetually hunt the family, alerted to their location by auditory clues, alone.

Krasinski expertly plays with chilling visuals that will quicken your heart rate, creating a palpable tension amidst the bone-chilling silence. An upturned nail rests on the floor, broken glass is scattered across dusty floorboards. A stilled windchime taunts you with the chance of sudden movement. The premise invites the viewer to become an active participant in the desperate game of cat and mouse. Movie-goers have spoken of the almost painful silence of the theatre, devoid of any hushed chatter or the occasional eating of popcorn. Unlike most of the cinematic horror offerings of today, the movie makes do without garish and gory scenes, gratuitous violence or redundant screams. It is searingly smart, evoking a deepening sense of humanity and desperation in the viewer.
A Quiet Place is in theatres now.