Fun Ways To Get Fit For Summer

Switch up your workout this summer, with these fun ideas.
Aerial Yoga
In this type of yoga, you are taught to navigate a hammock, which is, suspended about 2-3 feet off the ground by a secure attachment on the ceiling. The hammocks allow you to move freely and flow through the yoga postures and the gravity really helps lengthen the spine and create space within your muscles and joints. Working against gravity also means you also have to work harder to stabalize yourself… prepare to use your abs a lot!
Parkour builds overall body strength, agility and confidence and promotes fluidity of movement. Move your body in ways in which your never thought possible, have fun experimenting from getting from A to B jumping, swinging, climbing, rolling and balancing. It is just a playground for big kids! You’ll never view a stroll around the park the same way again!
Rock Climbing
This has to be one of the best upper body workouts, out there. Challenging your cardio, co-ordination and muscular endurance, expect toned shoulders and not a bingo wing in sight! Don’t think that your lower body doesn’t get a work out too… they’ll be supporting you as you map out your next move! Rock climbing is also great for boosting brain function, with problem solving playing a big part on your journey to the top! It has been said that a one-hour climbing session could burn as much as 700 calories!