The Instagram Poets You Should be Following

The information age has birthed a new literary form; Instagram Poetry. Gone are the days where poetry was a literary trope reserved for the older, stuffier generations. Poetry has received a 21st century facelift that has ushered in a new, younger audience that have fallen wistfully in love with a few Instagram poets who pen beautifully-worded, relatable and poignant prose. If you haven’t already jumped on to the Instagram poetry bandwagon, here are the new age poets you should be following.
This Instagram logophile enthrals his online audience of over 600 000 people with quick-witted epigrams and poems that seem to speak to the battles, loves, losses and triumphs of the millennial generation. Atticus has inspired his followers to such an extent that many have had his words inked on their skin.

Robert M. Drake has become a favorite amongst well-read celebs. Known for his overtly emotional prose and typewritten love-longing letters, the writer has been regrammed by the likes of the Kardashian sisters. His 1 million Instagram followers have even helped him launch a thriving career. His book, Beautiful Chaos, is currently the seventh best-selling book on

Rupi Kaur has become an undeniable force in the world of contemporary poetry. The Indian-Canadian writer, poet and illustrator began sharing her work on her Instagram page in 2014. She now has 2,6 million followers and two published works beneath her belt. Known for her profound honesty and intersectional feminism, the poet is a rising voice, telling the stories of men and women of colour, of those who have been silenced.

There are few Instagram poets that have captured the world’s attention quite like Nayyirah Waheed. Her works revolve around themes of identity, race, love, self-compassion and feminism. She is the suthor of two books of poetry, respectively entitled Salt and Nejma. The self-proclaimed ‘quiet poet’ has been hailed as a literary force by online readers the world over.

Often accompanied by magnificent visuals, Alison Malee seems to say so much with very few words. Her works speak of the power of love, the cleansing nature of heartbreak and the ephemerality of life itself. The New York-based author is also an artist, traveler and aspiring novelist.