5 Netflix Movies You Should Watch This Week

One of the most indulgent guilty pleasures the 21st Century has afforded us is Netflix. There’s nothing better than whipping out the microwave popcorn and heading to the couch to binge watch one of the streaming service’s latest offers. Here are our recommendations for the week ahead.
Set It Up
Who can resist the charms of a good romantic comedy? Charlie, Glen Powell, and Harper, Zoey Deutch, are two overworked corporate assistants who are in need of a holiday. What better way to improve your working life than to help your boss fall madly in love? The pair hatch a plan to set up their bosses, played by Taye Diggs and Lucy Lui, with hilarious and heartwarming unforeseen consequences.

The lovable and relatable Gillian Jacobs leads this comedy about three friends who take an unexpected and anecdote-filled trip to Ibiza. Amongst the Spanish-beachgoers and gorgeous European party-hoppers, Jacobs falls for a DJ and decides to follow him across the island with her two best friends in tow.

Alex Strangelove
Alex is having a hard time growing up. With an adoring girlfriend and a newfound interest in his cute male friend, things are bound to get more complicated. This coming-of-age story explores the beauty and hardship of finding love and finding yourself in the age of gender fluidity.

Boasting an A-list cast including Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal, this action-adventure film follows the story of a young South Korean girl who befriends a genetically-engineered ‘super-pig’ who is destined for the slaughterhouse. The film is a poignant and fantastical comment on the inhumane and heartless nature of the meat industry.

Australian comedienne Hannah Gadsby reinvents stand-up with this deeply personal special exploring her battles and triumphs in her search and discovery for gender understanding, belonging and human connection. Promising its fair share of laughs, the hour-long special is also an intimate look into the life of a non-gender-conforming individual.