The Best Summer Scents For The Home

Summer scents revitalize the home like no other. Here are our favorite homeware brands that offer the most delicious home decor, and scents to really get into the summer swing.
The White Company

The White company are famous for their incredible candles. Our favorite scent of the season, has to be the  Orange Grove citrus candle, with small hints of grapefruit, lemon and lime, for a refreshing atmosphere round the home.
EJH brand

This all-natural coconut wax candle is designed with essential oils that create a refreshing peony scent. It is delicious and smells like candy and vanilla.

This candle has a layered scent of  juicy green apples, lemons, basil, kale and parsley. It also has notes of mint and green grass, to give the feel of a summer garden.