The Very Best Superfoods for Weight Loss

You might think that heading to the gym is the very best way to lose those extra pounds but all weight-loss journeys truly begin in the kitchen. Contrary to popular belief, a restrictive diet is not the most effective way to shed your unwanted weight. Adding some of these spectacularly healthy superfoods to your diet might just yield some unexpected results at your next weigh-in.
Black Beans
Forget red meat, black beans are a wonderful source of protein. A single cup contains 15 grams of protein without any of the saturated fat. A little creativity can also transform these humble beans into a delicious and satisfying meat substitute.

There’s nothing quite like starting your day with a hearty bowl of oats. The breakfast of champions is rich in fibre, and will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Just half a cup of oats contains 4.6 grams of resistant starch. This healthy carb boosts metabolism and helps to burn fat.

These little super-berries are revered for their well-documented anti-ageing effects. Besides the benefits they have in the beauty department, blueberries are the perfect snack for those who are trying to watch their waistline. 1 Cup contains about 4 grams of hunger-busting fibre and only 80 calories!

This may sound simply too good to be true but eating half a grapefruit before a meal may help you to lose up to one pound a week. A unique compound in the fruit is known to lower insulin, a fat storage hormone, that is known to boost weight loss. The ruby-colored citrus fruit is also made up of 90% water, leaving your belly feeling full without the added calories.

Pine Nuts
These scrumptious little nuts are packed with heart-healthy fatty acids that help to quell hunger and burn pesky belly fat. You’ll have to eat about 80 nuts to ingest 100 calories so they can be munched upon guilt-free.