Is Facebook Tracking Your Every Digital Move?

Back in 2016, Mark Zuckerberg testified before congress answering a lengthy list of questions from senators regarding Facebook user’s online privacy, potential data breaching and user rights. His testimony was a necessary reminder to internet users that the ubiquitous social media platform is tracking you, whether you’re on or off Facebook. Here’s what you need to know about Facebook and your personal privacy.

Facebook tracks just about everything from your mouse movements, data from your other wifi-connected devices, app purchases and purchases from off-Facebook sites. Some of the more sinister data capturing regards your contact list. Facebook has access to your address book and your call and SMS log history. The platform has also had access to your web history for years and clearing your history does little to prevent such data capturing.

One of the allegations that Zuckerberg denied was that the platform had the ability to tap your phone’s microphone in order to record your every call. The company’s statement read; [Facebook] “does not engage in these practices or capture data from a microphone or camera without consent.” Despite this reassurance, many users are still concerned about the potential invasion of privacy. Next time you search the web, we suggest you keep this in mind.