Cooking Tips that Will Effortlessly Up Your Kitchen Game

Not all of us are gifted with the natural ability to whip up a delicious meal. Home cooking might be the best way to maintain a healthy diet, but some of us require just a little bit more guidance than others. For the cooking-challenged, we’ve whipped up some cooking tips that will help you become a better and more confident cook.
Use Quality Ingredients
Like most things in life, the result of your kitchen effort depends on the quality of your ingredients. Sub-par ingredients will almost always lead to a less than appetizing dish. Check out your local farmer’s market for fresh, nutritious and seasonal fruit and veg.
Meaty Tips
When it comes to cooking a good steak, there are a few must-do practices that will ensure a tender and juicy outcome. Remove your steak from the fridge well in advance. Pat dry your meat with a cloth or paper towel before cooking. This will ensure the outside of your steak will crisp up and caramelize beautifully. Don’t remove the fat from your cut. Most of meat’s flavor comes from its fat. If you’re looking to cut down on your fat consumption, remove the fat after cooking. Rest your steak for at least 5 minutes before plating. The steak will reabsorb some of its juices and come out deliciously juicy.

Taste Your Food Through Out Cooking
Keep tasting your food! There’s no better judge of flavor than your own palate. Don’t be afraid to veer away from the recipe and experiment with different additions. Go with your gut when adding salt and spices to taste.
Golden Rules of Pasta
If you’re looking for the perfect al dante texture, cook your pasta two to three minutes less than the package suggests. Do not add oil to your boiling water, salt your water for added flavor. Adding oil will make your pasta slick and will prevent your pasta sauce from coating the pasta. Don’t rinse your pasta. The starchy water is full of goodness and flavor.

Avoid a Crowd
Be sure not to overcrowd your pan. Most ingredients release water when cooked. Overcrowding your pan will prevent your food from browning and change the texture of your ingredients. Cook in small batches.
Sharpen Your Knife
Every chef is only as good as their knife. Invest in quality knives and a knife sharpener. A good knife will make chopping and dicing so much easier.

Sweeten it Up 
Surprisingly, sugar is a wonderful addition to savoury dishes that will help to elevate the dish’s flavors. When cooking with tomato, a pinch of sugar is a great way to brighten the dish and cut the acidity of the fruit.
Enjoy Yourself!
Cooking should be fun! Read your recipe through before you venture into the kitchen to make sure you know what you’re doing ahead of time. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Put on some music! Roll with the punches and enjoy yourself.