The Online Dating Age in Surprising Statistics

Before the advent of online dating, people met the good old fashioned way; through awkward blind dates, mutual friends and the occasional meet-cute in a dimly-lit bar. Technology has pervasively changed every aspect of our lives including the personal areas of love and sex. Here is the online dating age by numbers, the good, the bad and the just plain weird statistics.
eHarmony is responsible for 4% of US marriages. The dating site is particularly popular amongst religious factions who are looking to find long-lasting love. The dating has an average of 4 million users per month who partake in a 400 question interview that helps an algorithm find your perfect match.

According to Statistic Brain, 20% of current committed relationships began online. In a world that seemingly prizes online connection over interpersonal exchanges, this may come as no surprise. Another stat reports that 49 million people have tried online dating at one time or another.
Love in the the internet age has become another market ready to be saturated and capitalized upon. The online dating industry annual yearly revenue is an estimated $1.8 billion, which is only set to increase in future years.

Fittingly, it appears that relationships that spark online are destined to meet their demise in the same disconnected fashion. 48% Of online relationships are said to be ended via e-mail. An infographic from the eHarmony site confirms that there is an almost 50% chance that one partner will cut ties with their catch via an impersonal, but hopefully well-written, e-mail.
Dating apps have led to some interesting and rather perturbing social behaviors. has reported that singles almost 50% of users are highly likely to lie on their profiles. 20% Of women are likely to use photos from when they were younger while 40% of men admitted to lying about their jobs.
If you’re looking for love online; proceed with caution. Despite the looming danger of being snared by a catfish, your true love might just be one swipe away.