Check Out These New Wellness Gadgets

One of the biggest advantages of new technology, is when new advances actually help you live your life better than you’ve been doing. New wellness technology is beneficial as it can help you live longer and become stronger. Here are a few of the top new gadgets in the world of wellness.
The Opter Pose
The Oper Pose is a very simple looking gadget that really doesn’t look like a gadget at all. In fact, it simply looks like a pretty low-key necklace. However, the device (which can also be clipped to your clothing) can do everything from tracking your posture and activity levels to monitoring your blue light exposure and sleep habits.

Another piece of new technology that won’t fit on a necklace is found in the Minneapolis YMCA. It’s an amazing virtual reality system that allows members to feel sensations such as flying or diving as they partake in exercise machines. The custom experiences can work with a wide variety of machines in the facility, allowing exercise enthusiasts to choose their own adventure. Hey, anything that makes difficult cardio workouts fun whatsoever is a winner in our book!
The Motiv Fitness Wring
While smartphones and other devices can be very useful and even have their own wellness applications that can improve your life, there’s definitely a point where you can get too much of a good thing. Why not take your fitness tracking out of your palm or off your wrist and use a compact ring, instead? The Motiv fitness wring tracks your heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and more while fulfilling the promise of a “put it on and forget about it” kind of device.
LUX Air Purification System
Some of the biggest threats to your health are the ones that you generally don’t even think about. Pollution is a huge issue that most people really don’t consider on a daily basis, for instance. Fortunately, you won’t have to think about it with the LUX air purification system. The system plugs into your vehicle to keep your in-car environment healthy. The tiny device is able to improve the air quality in your car using a three-step purification method.
As you can see, the future is bright when it comes to wellness based tech and gadgets. Although life can be stressful and technology sometimes seems more like a distraction than a benefit, these great gadgets will help you take care of yourself without having to spend a lot of extra time doing it.