Behind the scenes details from Hollywood housekeepers

Behind the scenes details from Hollywood housekeepers

Thanks to the world of social media, not only can we keep up to date with our favorite celebrities, now we even have access to their whole lives and what goes on behind closed doors. We have been given a backstage pass to the private lives of Hollywoods most famous through various channels but as we realize more every day, a lot of the ‘real-life’ pictures and videos are staged. Housekeeping sources who apparently worked for these celebrities can allegedly shine a light on the things these celebs would most likely prefer to keep to themselves.

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George Clooney and His Manners

Various housekeepers that have worked for the silver fox, have claimed that even though he seems like a gentleman on screen, he is far from that in real life.
George Clooney Has No Manners Around The Help

We hope his wife has changed some of his habits, but apparently, he is quite stingy and checks the alcohol so that the staff can’t take a cheeky swig. He also doesn’t have the best manners.