The Lovely and Lively EarthyAndy: The Ultimate Vegan Blogger

Andrea Hanneman lives a truly magnificent life. Andy is beautiful and radiantly healthy. She is a loving mother to two gorgeous boys with another on the way, she’s the wife of a bronzed, surfing husband with a set of abs and an equally dazzling smile. She lives on a Hawaiian island and spends her days on the beach with her kids and sharing her vegan recipes with her 1 million avid followers. Earthy Andy is undeniable proof that a plant-based diet means a healthier, happier, more authentic and more conscious life.

Andy began her journey after 16 years of chronic health problems. She suffered from stomach pains and digestive issues, celiac disease, fatigue, asthma and allergies. After spending thousands of dollars on prescribed medications and specialists, she made a defiant decision to take control of her health by reinventing her diet and reassessing her food choices.

Andy, and her kids, now eat a vegan, largely raw, plant-based diet. She uses organic seasonal produce each day to create varied and vital meals for her family. Andy is more agile, lean, healthy and pain-free. She has the energy for yoga on the beach, surfs with her golden-haired boys and hikes with her husband. Though many might think the lifestyle change sounds daunting, Earthy Andy could help you along your own health journey.

Andy has now dedicated her days to her health website and Instagram page. Her platforms are bursting with vibrant, accessible recipes and sustainable tips that will allow you to reconnect to nature in a way that might just change your life. From smoothie bowls, decadent shakes, nourishing vegan curries to soups and salads, Andy’s food is delicious, nutritious and made with love. Andrea is also a realistic and entirely non-judgemental health fundie. Living organic and vegan can be expensive. Andy is an advocate of balance, optimism and individuality. Quite simply; do your best.

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