Delectable Vegan Chocolate Caramel Nut Butter Shake!

If this recipe doesn’t get your mouth watering, few things will. We’re here to let you know that a vegan and plant-based diet does not mean you’ll never again indulge in a decadent treat. The protein-packed recipe is not only a delectable dessert but is also a replenishing option for a post-workout shake. Using coconut sugar is a healthy alternative to refined sugars. The natural sweetener does not encourage the same blood sugar spike that other sugars do. If you want to go sugar free, just add dates to the mix! The shake is topped with a scoop of non-dairy chocolate ice cream that you can whip up yourself or find at your local health store. So, get blending!

1 tablespoon cacao
1 tablespoon coconut sugar or 3 large medjool dates
1 heaped tablespoon fav nut butter
3 frozen bananas
6 almond or cashew milk ice cubes
1 tsp vanilla
1 scoop high quality vegan protein/probiotic powder
dash of almond or oat milk (use until you’ve reached desired thickness!)
Simply throw all the ingredients into a blender, blend until smooth and top with a scoop of ice cream!
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