All the Info Around Ariana Grande's New Tattoo and Her New Music Video

Ariana Grande recently released her 7 Rings music video and promptly received a pretty hefty amount of online backlash. The Japanese-themed video has been criticized for appropriating Asian culture for its “aesthetic.” One unimpressed fan Tweeted, “not to be rude but could ariana pls stop using asian language as an aesthetic? pls and thanks.” The song also features the lyric “You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it,” which also ruffled feathers. The lyric which pointed to the singer’s extensive use of weaves, again proved questionable, weaves are widely considered synonymous with Black culture.

Grande took to her Instagram page to address the controversy. “Hi hi,” the singer writes. “I think her intention was to be like… yay a white person disassociating the negative stariotype [sic] that is paired with the word ‘weave’… however I’m so sorry my response was out of pocket or if it came across the wrong way. Thanks for opening the conversation and like… to everyone for talking to me about it. It’s never my intention to offend anybody.” The bad news didn’t end there.

Grande posted an image of a new palm tattoo which supposedly featured ‘7 Rings’ in Japanese. Japanese-speaking fans were quick to note that the tattoo actually translated to ‘small Japanese grill.’ Needless to say, Grande was mercilessly mocked. After realizing her unfortunate mistake, the star headed back to the tattoo parlor and added an extra Japanese symbol. The revision didn’t prove too helpful, the tatt now reads ‘Japanese BBQ finger.’ The star has had a difficult week but still reigns as the current Queen of Pop.