Men's Fashion Trends: Brown Is Coming Back

With every year’s seasons, new men’s fashion trends tend to come into play. If you want to look your best, you can count on us to give you the info that you need to stay on trend. Here are some of the biggest things to implement into your wardrobe as the Spring weather comes.
Brown Is Back In Town
Credit: Menswear Daily
Whether you prefer Gucci or higher-priced Italian labels, you’ll discover a lot of brown and camel shades in this year’s autumn and winter clothes. If you decide to hop on to this trend, make sure that you don’t overdo it: it’s usually best to use one camel-colored item as a maximum in each outfit. Brown is a bit more versatile, of course, and you’ll always find no shortage of brown pants, jackets, and shoes to choose from.
Not So Skinny Anymore
In recent years, we’ve seen more and more menswear coming in skinnier silhouettes that are more form-fitting that in previous eras. However, that trend seems to be reversing itself a bit, at least for the upcoming season. New menswear trends show clothes getting a little looser both in respect to the top and bottom halves.
How to Wear Your Jackets
A slowdown in skinnier fits is accompanied by a similar move toward larger jackets. In particular, jackets with a boxier fit have been seen in Paris, London, New York, and other trendy locations. You may not choose to go as far as a jacket with nearly square shoulders, but the main takeaway here is that form-fitting jackets are on their way out.
Flashback to the 70s?
Everyone has a soft spot for the 70s, but a lot of the fashion trends that were born in that decade have largely stayed there over the years. Well, this season, one 70s trend looks like it’s prepped for a comeback: corduroys.
Corduroys by Prada and Officine Generale have been featured on stage this year, and designers aren’t just making corduroy pants, either. They are also making corduroy casual jackets and even all-corduroy suits, although I’m not sure I’d advise one of those just yet.
Fashion trends change quickly, but there are already some clear winners as the weather changes. Keep these trends in mind as you add to your wardrobe, and you’ll be ready to look your best at all times.