The Monster Truck Jam: The Women Who Are In It To Win It

Watching live motorsport events is always an exciting time, especially when it is the infamous Monster Truck Jam. With events held all over North America and a few worldwide in exotic locations as Saudi Arabia and Japan, it has quickly gained notoriety around the world. The Monster Truck Jam focuses on two types of events: racing and freestyle. The intermission shows are also part of the attraction, but perhaps the most interesting fact, besides the trucks, of course, are the drivers. Now, you may think this is a male-dominated sport but in fact, there are a ton of women who are sitting behind the wheel of these gargantuan trucks and they are ready to win. These women participate in the Monster Jam Tour and find just as much success as the men, and contain a wildly competitive streak, making them fierce competition. These are no shrinking violets, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to look and feel like strong empowered women. They may be in full wardrobe and makeup but that is simply their version of armor as they prepare to take on their competitors. Let’s meet some of these women taking over the motorsport world.

Pioneer woman: Nicole Johnson

First up, we have Nicole Johnson who was one of the first women to join the Monster Truck Jam. However, she did not start out driving monster trucks right out of the gate. Instead, she took a more measured approach and began with rock crawling.It was when her husband Frank got involved with monster truck racing that Nicole realized she may have just found her true passion. Frank was a spotter for the Red Bull Rock Crawling team in the early 2000s.