These Unlikely Celebrities Are The Best Of Friends

Celebrities tend to make friends amongst themselves as their lives are as unique as their individual talents. Being as wealthy and as well-known as they are, it is not easy finding friends who want to be around them for the right reasons. However, while many celebrities have other famous friends, there are a few friendships in Hollywood that are far from what people may expect. Some friendships have a slightly bigger age gap than most, while others are just so random, since they have such incredibly different personalities (or at least that is what they show the rest of us mere mortals). The fact that Kanye West and Kristen Stewart hang out, and Martha Stuart is best friends with a rapper, these friendships are almost hard to believe – how do they even know each other? These are some of the most surprising celebrity friendships, and while some will make you scratch your head, others will make you sit there in awe.

Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow

The friendship between Beyonce and Gwyneth blossomed a few years ago when the two met at a charity benefit. When interviewed by both Ellen Degeneres and Howard Stern, Gwyneth talked about their friendship and how nice it was to have a real friendship with a couple that is, in fact, more famous than her in many ways.

Like we mentioned earlier, celebrities like to know that their friends have no ulterior motives, and Jay and B sure do not.