The Best Cardio Apps To Kick Your Butt Into Gear

Let’s be serious, who doesn’t have a love-hate relationship with cardio workouts? If you don’t have enough dough for a gym membership just yet, fear not, we have rounded up the best cardio apps that will help keep you motivated when working out.
AKT On-Demand

These fun fast-paced dance cardio routines will give you a burst energy that’s for sure. This streaming app is the brain child of celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser. Most of the upbeat dance workouts involve lots of jumping and skipping, but there are also a lot of strength exercises as well. If dancing doesn’t float your boat, Kaiser has whipped up a killer treadmill program called AKTread, on the app.
Interval Timer – HIIT Workouts

This timer app is the perfect way to keep track of your intervals and rest periods when you do high intensity workouts such as running, jumping rope, cycling, or plyometrics. Shorter high-intensity intervals are extremely effective, so, if you have no time to work out, intervals might just be what you need.

Fit Radio

Listening to the right music will make all the difference to your workout that is for sure! This app will generate a motivating playlist to match your pace and mood, how cool is that? They also have a “coaching” feature that provided audio instruction along side the music — so it’s definitely worth it if you’re also looking fora little extra help with your daily fitness goals.