The Best Tips for Running Your Own Online Store

You are an entrepreneur, a self-starter with a small business and a big idea. We salute you in taking the leap and launching yourself into the world of e-commerce. In a saturated and ever-evolving marketplace, we’re here to help you create a platform that allows you to share your products with consumers in a unique and accessible way. Here are our tips to driving up sales, attracting and engaging with your potential buyers and creating a sustainable – and successful! – online store.

Before venturing into the creation of your platform a little research can go a long way in helping you to understand your target market and your relevant competitors. Get googling! See what’s out there. Check out what kind of brands offer similar products to you, take a look at their platforms to see what aspects resonate with you, what you might like to recreate and what you’d like to avoid.

Major online marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon may have the traffic and the brand recognition that small businesses aspire to create, but they lack one thing you have to offer in spades – heart. In a digital market of ubiquitous advertising, brand fatigue is on the rise. Consumers are looking for something more personal and more passionate which offers them a more individualised buying experience. Include an ‘About Us’ page that shares your story, your vision, what you do, why you do it and what you’d like to offer your clients. Testimonials, brand vision and authenticity – these are the things that make you and your products unique.

We are visual creatures. People best interpret the world around them through the imagery that surrounds them and the digital world is no different. Curate your site with a design template that emulates the look and feel that will make a lasting first impression. Everything from colour to font to your chosen images will help consumers understand and fall in love with the products you offer. Wix offers you a myriad of design templates that are aesthetically beautiful and user-friendly. Pick the right one! Think carefully about product-focus, do not let your design detract from the beautiful things you sell. Include a zoom feature and images of your product shot from multiple angles. These features will allow your shoppers to see all the wonderful details of your product and develop a better understanding of what the product looks like in the flesh. Consumer studies have proven that having your products displayed on your homepage can positively sway potential shoppers. Show off your products that are proven crowd-pleasers – displaying your bestsellers will help to convert a casual perusal into a purchase.