How Jennifer Lopez's engagement rings have changed over the decades

How Jennifer Lopez’s engagement rings have changed over the decades

Jennifer Lopez has been a part of the music scene since the 90s and has had massive success in both music and film. Throughout the many hits she has provided us with over the years, she has also been in several high profile relationships, many of which went all the way to the engagement stage, and some to marriage. J-Lo has released hit songs such as My Love Don’t Cost A Thing, Waiting for Tonight, Jenny From the Block, and Ain’t Your Mama. Her career has stood the test of time, unlike many others who try to maintain their relevance in Hollywood. Jennifer’s movie roles have also brought her great success, despite some who have not done so well and are usually the ones with her significant others (Gigli). Her starring roles in The Boy Next Door, The Wedding Planner, Shall We Dance?, and Monster-in-Law, showed that she is as versatile as she is beautiful.

Early days

Jennifer started out as a dancer who was in the background of music videos and shows, but soon enough she was the one in the spotlight. It was in 1997 that she got her big break, playing the role of Selena in the namesake biopic.

The movie was a massive success and ended up being the push that Jennifer needed to get the chance to record her own music and release it two years later.