Kim Kardashian is Being Mom-Shamed Over North's Latest Outfit

Another day, another Kardashian drama. The world’s most famous reality TV star and beauty mogul, Kim Kardashian, has once again raised eyebrows. But this time it’s not a public feud with Taylor Swift, cultural appropriation or a teeny tiny bikini that’s making headlines – it’s her mothering choices. Kardashian has three children with her husband, superstar Kanye West, North, Saint and Chicago. North ‘Nori’ West, the couple’s eldest daughter, is already considered a fashion icon at just five years old. The little girl, just like her mom, has a fierce love for fashion and has a wardrobe of designer wear that most grown women would envy.

Kardashian has frequently been criticized for her choices surrounding North’s wardrobe and her daughter’s wearing of make up. Back in June 2018, Kardashian caused a stir when she posted an image to her Instagram page of North with straightened hair. Her social media followers were outraged with some people accusing Kim of having applied extensions to her daughter’s hair. Kim eventually spoke out about the uproar, saying “I mean, I just used a flat iron and everyone was saying she was wearing extensions and I was like, ‘No, she has curly hair, so that’s what the length of her hair is when it’s straightened.’ I was just seeing these things that [people were saying] online and they were just ridiculous.”

The most recent drama came about when Kim shared video footage of North attending a Church service with her family. “Her favourite part of the week is dancing during Sunday Service”, Kim captioned the post. In the video, North is seen wearing a black slip dress, cat-eye sunglasses and a shade of dark lipstick. Not long after the footage was posted, fans took to the comment section to voice their disapproval of the 5 year old’s outfit and make up. Many criticised Kim for allowing her child to wear such a mature outfit, deeming it inappropriate, especially given the environment. One user wrote, “There is something really sad to me about seeing photos of 5 year old North wearing a feathered slip dress and black lipstick to ‘church’ services. Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance.” Another one of Kim’s 133 million followers said, “The fact that Kim lets North wear lipstick out like she’s 21 is insane. I’m surprised Kanye allows it.” Despite the major backlash, there were some fans who chose to defend the star, claiming that kids are allowed to have fun and express themselves through their own fashion choices. Some Instagram users praised North for her sass and obvious confidence while other’s said that most little girls love to experiment with clothes and make up. Kardashian has yet to make any public comment on the controversy.