The Best and Worst Dressed at the Met Gala

The Met Gala is always a time for the famous to go big or go home when it comes to bold fashion choices. Some stars like to play it safe, like Taylor Swift in past years and others like to be completely over the top like Cardi B. This year’s theme was Camp and that meant that all the stars got to dress to impress, from actual chandelier dresses to costume changes on the red carpet. After very careful consideration we have selected the worst and the best dressed of the Met Gala which was very hard to do.

Best Dressed – Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga always goes big and this year was no exception. She decided to wear four different looks for the red carpet and she managed to do her quick costume changes with the help of Brandon Maxwell who designed her outfits. They were layered making it easy for her to remove them. The first featured a voluminous pink dress, the second was a black ball gown, the third was a form-fitting black dress, and the final look featured black fishnets and glittery under things.

Billy Porter
This award-winning actor and singer always likes to bring the drama. He was carried in on a palanquin by six men draped in gold outfits that matched his gold-sequined jumpsuit as he decided to portray the Egyptian Sun God Ra. He really stole the show with his arrival and his outfit designed by The Blonds. He even had wings attached, like any good God.
Worst Dressed – Hailey Baldwin
Camp literally means over the top. You can dress however you want, with any shapes or sayings, and certainly, anything bright goes. Well, Hailey Baldwin seems to have not gotten the memo about what camp means and her outfit really shows that. She showed up in a sedate pale pink, backless gown. There was literally nothing camp about it, she could have been going to a boring cocktail party for all the energy this look had.

Travis Scott
Another look which seemed to fall flat was Travis Scott’s. His partner, Kylie Jenner had her own fashion faux pas moment when Iggy Azalea showed up in a matching gown in green and had to leave. But Scott appears to either be an extra in Star Wars or a wannabe member of the Ghostbusters. It seems like this couple just lacked imagination and did not know how to fully embody the theme. Better luck next year!