These funny haircuts will leave you wondering 'why'

Anybody who looks back on their childhood knows that they were plagued by bad haircuts and dye jobs. However, that was when most of us were children and the majority of us have learned from our hair mistakes. Sadly though, there are still those who have a lot to learn and insist on the most outrageous hairstyles. In an effort to showcase some of the most hilarious haircuts and styles we have selected the top 22 for you to laugh at. Perhaps it will give you inspiration for your next cut. Most likely it will act as a warning for what you do not want. But hey, who can know! Keep scrolling and try to imagine what these people’s reactions were when they were given a mirror and spun around for the grand reveal of their new ‘dos. Chances are there were some tears involved.

Bang On

Bangs or a nice fringe are all the rage, just look at the thick bangs sported by actress Zooey Deschanel but this guy decided to take it to the next level. In fact, it is ALL bangs, and nothing else.

This is a style that appears to have become quite popular in former Soviet countries although it is beyond us why. In those cold winter months, those bangs are definitely not going to help keep this fellow warm.