Hollywood stars' habits and manners are shared by sources close to them

We all know what young Hollywood is like. All you need to do is open Instagram and scroll through their feeds or watch a story and you can catch a snapshot into their personal lives within 30 seconds. The advent of reality television like Keeping Up With The Kardashians also gave audiences a real glimpse of what life is like for the rich and famous in Hollywood. But old Hollywood and the icons that came from that time such as Farrah Fawcett of the original Charlie’s Angels and Carrie Fisher of Princess Leia fame did not have their lives completely open to the public eye.
These classic stars helped to shape Hollywood and make it what it is today. So, we have compiled a list of cultural icons and some fun facts about what they were really like offstage and out of the limelight. Was that funny girl actually a bit of a diva? Or does that mustachioed gentleman actually love farming more than film? Keep reading to find out about all of your favorite icons of old.

Kim Basinger

Basinger was a huge star back in the 80s and 90s starring in the films The Natural and Batman. While she may have come off as a very confident young woman ready to take on the world, this was not, in fact, her personal reality.

She has been a long time sufferer of anxiety and has admitted having panic attacks that have left her housebound on more than one occasion. She suffers from extreme social anxiety which has made awards shows in the past difficult to attend.