This man sold a picture for $20, little did he know it was worth a fortune

Alex Archbold is an antique shop owner who lives in Edmonton, Canada. There is a homeless man named Adam Gillian who comes into his shop rather regularly to sell items he finds when scavenging trash cans in the hopes of getting some income for food. During one of those times, Adam came into Alex’s shop and sold a Disney print he had found. Adam got $20 for the print, but it was afterward that Alex realized that this print is far more valuable than either one of them initially thought. It was then that Alex started searching for Adam on the streets to try and bring him in and tell him that the print he found was not what he thought it was. Finding Adam was proving to be harder, and in the area that they both live in the temperatures plummet in the winter, making it even harder to find someone. Being homeless means that Adam would have to find shelter in order to keep himself warm and safe for the night, easier said than done.


Adam had originally come from Stratford, Ontario. He moved to Edmonton to remain closer to his family. Upon moving to Edmonton, Adam worked as a drywall laborer. Soon, however, he would lose that job and sadly fall on very difficult times.

After losing his job, Adam spiraled into a depression so bad that three out of his four children were taken into the foster care system, his marriage end and his lack of income putting him out of his own home.