When this boy shared his Kool-Aid with the mailman, his mom couldn't believe what happened

When this boy shared his Kool-Aid with the mailman, his mom couldn’t believe what happened

As we go about our day we often don’t notice the little things around us, like the postman delivering the mail or the person bagging our groceries. There is a disconnect that happens where you’re busy glancing at your phone or your watch ready to move on to your next task. But children are different in this. They are inquisitive by nature and generally very kind because they have not yet grown up and seen how life can sometimes make one a little bit less kind.
For one mom, she had no idea that her son was performing selfless little acts of goodness until he received a letter one day. At first, she was suspicious, why would someone be sending a letter to her son who is only 5. As she read it, she knew that this was a moment that the world needed to know about. As soon as she posted a picture of the letter it went viral and the public outpouring of kindness was astounding. Here is a story sure to warm your heart and inspire you to do some of your own small acts of kindness.

Meet Adam

The son at the heart of this story is young Adam Houssami. He and his family had lived in Dearborn in the state of Michigan his entire life. Summers are very hot and winters are very cold.

Like any young child, a Kool-Aid stand seemed like a great way to make a couple of dollars to buy ice creams with. $0.50 seemed like a reasonable price to him and that is what he set his rate at for a cup of Kool-Aid.