Facts About Prince Charles' Past That May Result in Him Abdicating the Throne

Facts about Prince Charles’ past that may result in him abdicating the throne

As news hits that Queen Elizabeth II is shortly due to retire from the throne, Prince Charles will be getting ready for his duties as King. While the Queen is the face of the monarchy, Prince Charles has been establishing himself as one of the most important people in the family. How much do we really know about Prince Charles and the life of the man who will be King before too long? We are taking a look at Charles and sharing some of the facts and secrets we’ve discovered about the legendary Royal and whether or not he really is suitable!

Keeping it in the family

Prince Charles famously married Lady Diana Spencer, and that marriage brought the world’s two favorite princes, William and Harry. Things might have been very different if Charles married the woman he was dating before finding a match in Diana.

Before Diana was the woman in his life, Charles was actually dating her sister, Sarah for a little while. Things didn’t work out between them, and it was Sarah who called the whole thing off. Their relationship was over once Sarah made it absolutely clear that there was no interest from her side in marrying the future King of the UK and there was some serious speculation as to why.