Parents make their son sign a contract before aggreeing to get him his first mobile phone

This mom wrote a contract for her son’s phone and caused a debate among parents

Being a parent can be a whole new chapter in many of our lives. After all, we get to teach someone the way of the world and help them grow into their very own personalities. However, having children can also be filled with a number of worries. One of the most prominent concerns for many in recent years is cell phones, and how to make sure that children are being kept safe online.
Many parents have their own way of dealing with the issue. Some decide to hand over the phones and trust that their children will tell them if there is ever a problem while others ban them all together until they are old enough to make their own decisions. Although many believe they are using the best approach, one mom was about to cause a storm online after she thought up her very own plan to help keep her son safe. The mom wrote a contract for her son’s phone. However, it wasn’t long before it caused an online debate among other parents.

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Mel Watts is an Australian blogger who uses her family life as the primary source of her blog content. Thankfully, her time online means that Mel has been able to create quite the following for herself over the years.

However, things were about to heat up when Mel announced her new plan. She wrote a contract for her son’s phone, but the deal was about to become the topic of debate among many other parents.