These parents had to do something when their son was named 'Most Annoying Male' at school

These parents had to do something when their son was named ‘Most Annoying Male’ at school

When you spend the whole year working hard and trying to get good grades, you want to see your efforts recognized. It makes everything you’ve done at school worthwhile, especially if it hasn’t been a smooth ride. While scoring well on tests and assignments is one way for this work to be rewarded, there are other ways students can have their achievements celebrated.
Many schools across the nation like to hold an award ceremony at the end of the year to acknowledge what their kids have done. Sometimes, these are used to highlight the kids who have performed the best; other times, they’re just a bit of fun to commemorate some memorable moments. In these instances, teachers give out awards for things like the funniest student or best artist. It’s nothing major, but it’s something nice to make the children feel proud.
Of course, once you start handing out trophies referring to the kids as being annoying, that’s when you start to cross the line. It’s even worse if the student you give it to has autism.

Mocking his differences

Bailly Preparatory Academy may once have considered itself an excellent school for kids across Gary, Indiana to attend. However, in the last few months, it’s reputation has gone down the drain. That’s because it’s the place where an autistic boy had his disability highlighted for all the wrong reasons.

The students and faculty weren’t celebrating that the child was unique; they were mocking him for being different. It was all hidden behind an awards ceremony…