Prince William and Harry are allegedly falling out for these reasons

Prince William and Harry are allegedly feuding for this reason

Brotherly love is often followed by some brotherly tension and ensuing squabbles. When January and February of 2017 rolled around it was rumored that Prince William and Prince Harry were going through a period of tension and with that so were their wives Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan. It appeared that this charming Royal quartet was not just sipping on tea, going to polo matches, and lunching with the Queen.
As with anything that has a whiff of scandal about it, the media began to speculate on what might be causing this tension and potential rift between the two Royal brothers. With some digging, and a little bit of help from some inside sources at Buckingham Palace the reasons for this troubled time finally came to light. There was a lot going on behind the closed palace doors that their subjects had no clue about and it was not just between the brothers. It appeared that the newest Duchess was not meshing into her new Royal family as easily as everyone thought she was.

The Duchesses

The duchesses, Meghan and Kate are often pictured together at official functions as the wives of the Princes. But the media has long speculated that the two simply do not get on very well.

Possibly because they come from different backgrounds with Kate being born and raised in the United Kingdom and Meghan being a starlet from the United States. When Meghan married Prince Harry and became an official member of the Royal family she also became a permanent fixture in Kate’s life.