This school cafeteria lady made a big difference to the children's lives, with a simple positive message

This school cafeteria lady made a big difference to the children’s lives, with a simple positive message

Working at an elementary school can be as rewarding as you make it. Stacey Truman, Kingston Elementary School’s cafeteria manager has been with the school for over ten years and counting. The Virginia Beach school has great reason to be proud of their employee, as she is a huge proponent of positive reinforcement and bringing light to children. Stacey has found a wonderful way to get messages to her students every single school day. Her creative thinking and positive messaging are a rare spin on a cafeteria lady and she knows that. Her hard work to bring love and confidence to the children of her school not only got noticed within the school’s halls and administration but have since gone viral and noticed by people around the globe. There is more to lunchtime than food at this school, as Stacey made sure of. The kids that attend the school are in very delicate years in their development and Stacey knew that if she could just reach them with positive messages, she could make a difference for them.


The reason Stacey went to the lengths that she did to bring about positivity in her school was due to her own hard time during the very same age range. When Stacey was nine years old her parents announced that they were getting a divorce.

Her painful memories of that time brought her to the decision to spread happiness and messages of good cheer to the boys and girls that walk into her lunchroom every day.