Everything Meghan Markle Had to Give Up to Fall in Line, Until She Said "No More"

Getting married to a prince seems like it would be something out of a fairytale. Well, it seems as though this couldn’t be further from the truth. Meghan spoke recently in a TV documentary and stated that being married to a Royal is no walk in the park and it comes with a whole load of restrictions. The couple has now released a statement saying that they are stepping down and with all of these rules she has to follow as a Royal, there’s no wonder why!


Recently, the couple announced that they are taking a dramatic plunge and stepping down from their Royal duties. The statement has come as a huge blow to fans and it is very much in the air as to when they discussed this with the Royal family.

Since joining the family, Meghan has had to change a lot of her life, and it seems that now, it has just become too much for her and the couple to handle. So, what did Meghan really have to change to fit in line with her new family?