On Trend: Summer Dress Styles

Now that it is finally hot enough to pull out your favorite summer dresses it may also be time to update them with some new styles and patterns. Each summer brings with it some old favorites and some new styles that can be seen all over Instagram which is now the go-to for all things from fitness to fashion. Here is the summer dress style roundup to keep you on trend this season.

If you thought tie-dye was no longer cool post-1970s then you are wrong. It is back with a vengeance from maxi dresses in swirling purples and blues to skater dresses with loud neon colors. These are not the homemade patterns usually associated with it but rather intricate ones that resemble snowflakes. Everything is very stylized which leads to less of a hippie vibe and more of a hipster vibe. Even Prada pulled out some summer tie-dye.

Deep Reds, Yellows, And Umbers
If you like red and yellow, then you probably already have dresses in these shades and if you don’t, you need some. These deep colors work to bring out a tan and are flattering on almost all skin tones. Everyone needs a red sundress for a casual stroll around town or a night out. Full skirted dresses or maxi-styles embody this style aesthetic.

The bodycon dress is on the outs these days and who wants to be stuffed into a tight dress on a hot day? Ruching details are what this summer calls for and it makes for a looser fit while still creating a nice shape. Ruching usually happens on the front of dresses which draws the eye to the waist and acts to give you an hourglass figure.
Bows and Puffy Sleeves
All you need to do is put a bow on it and you will be in vogue as Madonna would say. These dresses look like they might be more comfortable for the fall but a summer style that has appeared is maxi dresses with puffed sleeves like something out of a Victorian-era BBC miniseries. The waist also has a giant bow tied around the middle to tie the whole look together. This may not be that practical for anyone who is just hitting the beach but if you are going out in New York City to a cocktail party this could be a look to try.