As the bride was saying "I do", her husband's ex crashed the wedding in her own bridal gown

Your wedding day is supposed to be the biggest day of your life. In some cases, it’s the only wedding day that you’ll ever have – which is why most brides and grooms want everything to be perfect. They meticulously plan every single detail, and they don’t rest until they are happy with the fact that they will look back on the day with a twinkle in their eye and a fondness in their hearts. Most of the time, these days go off without a hitch. However, we’re sorry to say that isn’t always the case.
Although couples do everything they can to control the wedding day, there are certain things that are impossible to control. Unfortunately, this leaves room for error. They can’t tell their guests explicitly what to wear, what to say, or even what to think, and they definitely can’t control any gatecrashers who decided to burst in. After all, no bride expects her husband’s ex to come crashing into her wedding wearing a wedding dress. Nothing could prepare you for that.

The ultimate gatecrasher

No Hollywood movie would be complete without a wedding gatecrasher, because it’s this kind of unbelievable moment that rakes in gasps and screams of anguish. However, what some people don’t realize is that this isn’t all just a work of fiction.
The ultimate gatecrasher

After working for months to plan the perfect wedding, many couples find themselves dealing with gatecrashers who intend on ruining their day. It’s how they deal with it that really finishes the story.