This thrifty Bride planned the wedding of her dreams for only $3,000

The Bride had the wedding of her dreams for only $3,000

For some reason, it has become the norm to shell out thousands of dollars on a wedding which often leaves new couples in debt. This is not the way to begin a life together and for one newly engaged couple, they simply refused to even consider spending more than they could afford. Ashley and Tre knew they loved each other and were ready to continue on this journey together but the thought of spending money on flowers, clothes, and all the other odds and ends that add up was stressful. Then, Ashley had an ‘aha’ moment after a suggestion from her wedding planner.

Meet Ashley And Tre

Ashley Hicks and her now-husband Tre, hail from the southern state of North Carolina in the United States. Tre and Ashley had been together for a while before Tre decided it was time to ask Ashley to be his wife and when he proposed she was over the moon with joy.
Meet Ashley And Tre

Then it came time for the tricky part, the wedding planning. She quickly threw herself into the preparations with the help of a wedding planner.