Why Everyone Is Now Obsessed With Keanu Reeves

Okay, if you are a Matrix or John Wick fan then you are most likely already obsessed with the lovely person that is actor Keanu Reeves but lately, he has become the poster guy for Hollywood chivalry. If you flick through any magazine or peruse any celeb news site then there is no doubt that Keanu is the favor of the month. But what makes him so irresistible?

Always Be My Maybe
We all know Keanu the action star but with the exception of last years Destination Wedding where he plays the acerbic love interest to Winona Ryder’s character and his break out role in Wayne’s World Keanu hasn’t really spent a lot of time being the funny guy. Netflix’s summer rom-com smash hit Always Be My Maybe with him as himself allowed him to play the worst version of who he could be but we all know he isn’t: your typical Hollywood playboy. But this movie is what made everyone fall in love with him all over again.

In Reality
Keanu has by no means had an easy time of it with a lot of personal tragedy in his past from the loss of a girlfriend and their unborn child to his sister’s battle with cancer. Since then Keanu has largely stayed out of the spotlight leading a simple life with his New York City apartment and donating most of his paychecks to various charities. The latest highlight on Keanu is how he is photographed with his co-stars, He never touches them and instead keeps an open hand as he is always respectful.

Sad Keanu
A couple of years ago a picture surfaced of Keanu sitting in a park eating a sandwich on a bench alone, wearing old jeans and some hiking boots. He looked like any other regular person let alone a big name celebrity. And this seems to truly be who Keanu is. You will not see him getting caught in a scandal or leading a life of decadence. Instead, he is one of those rare forms of celebrity who has not let it change who he was originally. Just a guy who grew up in Canada and stayed away from the scene that took a lot of actors of his generation, like his close friend River Phoenix. In the words of Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy, “Stay classy” Keanu we love it.