Guest requests that the Bride and Groom couldn't believe they were being asked

Guest requests that the Bride and Groom couldn’t believe they were being asked

When a wedding invitation arrives in your inbox or in your mailbox you know that you are in for a fun wedding season. Typically this takes place in the summer when numerous friends and family decide to tie the knot in lavish affairs or intimate ceremonies and as a guest, you get to share in that special day. However, not all guests attend weddings with the intent of making sure the bride and groom have a great time but are more concerned with whether or not they do. Some wedding guests have asked for some pretty outlandish things when it comes to the weddings they deign to attend and Reddit decided to compile the absolute worst requests of all time. Keep scrolling to read about some of the unreal things that guests have asked of soon to be married couples.

Table For 10 Please

When you receive a wedding invite it will usually mention whether or not you have a plus one or is simply for you and your immediate family. One couple mentioned that a family member asked for a table for three and then just a matter of weeks before the wedding said they needed spots for ten people.

Wanting to keep everyone happy, the bride and groom found room for them and then the big day came. Literally, none of those family members showed up for the ceremony or the reception.