Could These Newly Single 'A Star Is Born' stars finally find love offscreen?

If you watched Oscar-nominated film A Star Is Born directed by and starring Bradley Cooper alongside Lady Gaga than you know it was pretty much impossible not to fall in love with these characters. In fact, as you watched them on screen and pal-ing around on the promo circuit for the film the chemistry between the two felt palpable. But there was one major problem, both of these stars had partners. Bradley Cooper was with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk for over four years, and they even had a daughter together. Lady Gaga had been with talent agent Christian Carino for a couple of years and was even engaged at one point. But it seems like things have changed pretty rapidly for both couples.

Single At The Same Time
Lady Gaga found her relationship with Carino ending sometime in January or February and Bradley Cooper now finds himself single as of last week. It is unclear why both relationships ended. Of course, there is a lot of speculation as to whether or not it is because something happened on the set of their doomed romance in A Star Is Born or if something blossomed between them as they did the awards circuit. But one thing is for sure, fans are finding it too much of a coincidence that both of these two, who have a tendency to look so ‘in love’ when performing, are now single.

Could These Newly Single ‘A Star Is Born’ stars finally find love offscreen?

A Hidden Romance?
Irina Shayk has been known as a celebrity who values her privacy. As a supermodel, she is used to walking the runway and appearing in elaborate editorials but if you look on her Instagram account it is obviously for public consumption. There are no baby pictures of the daughter she shares with Cooper. Perhaps it simply became too difficult being married to someone and having to walk countless red carpets with him. Clashing family ideals are quite often a cause for the degradation of a celeb relationship. But then again, maybe something did happen with Lady Gaga. Think back to the performance the two of them put on at the Oscars this year. Lady Gaga stared adoringly at Bradley the entire time while his partner, Irina had to watch. This could just be a very convincing act but those long stares and the familiarity Gaga and Bradley seem to share is a hard thing to fake. Who knows what the future holds for these two but we are certainly curious to see if their on-screen romance filters into the real world.