These People Did Something Very Inconsiderate and Were Taught a Lesson

While most people know how to handle themselves when they’re driving, it seems other people could do with a bit more practice. Not only are they a danger behind the wheel, but they also don’t appear to know the first thing about parking. We wouldn’t have thought it was that difficult to pick one spot and stop there. However, these people continue to prove us wrong time and time again. If they’re not taking up two spaces at once, then they’re parking somewhere they shouldn’t, or just generally being inconvenient. Luckily, not everyone gets away with their parking fails.

Karma Is Real

Some people love to play pranks on others but a lot of the time, the people who are being pranked don’t find it very amusing and it is fair to say that some prankers just need teaching a lesson.

Luckily for this annoyed and frustrated friend, Karma was on his side when his friends thought it would be funny to steal his bike. Taking the bike without asking, they were quickly caught by the police who thought they stole the bike for real! They soon regretted the prank when their friends called them begging them to tell the police they were actual life-long friends.