Rumors say that Meghan Markle's Royal life isn't what she thought it was going to be

Rumors say that Meghan Markle’s Royal life isn’t what she thought it was going to be

While it seems like Meghan has morphed into her role as Duchess of Sussex quite well, sources say that the royal life she now has to lead may not be all it was cracked up to be. The birth of their recent child has put her in the spotlight more than ever with the media and the public wondering if baby Archie will be a prince. Rumors have started swirling that Meghan may not be happy with this very public life she now has to lead.

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A Baby And An Anniversary

Meghan and Harry have already been married for just over a year and had baby Archie during this time. So you cannot say that they haven’t been busy. But it has not been all tea parties and charity events for Meghan.

Instead, now that she has a royal baby, and possibly more on the way, there are some new protocols that have to be adhered to which have really put some limits on what she can and cannot do in the public sphere.