5 New Nutrition Trends You Need to Know About

Wellness and wellbeing have long been a preoccupation for the yoga-loving, kefir-drinking masses. With each seasonal shift, another host of nutrition and exercise trends make their rounds on social media and wellness blogs. Here’s our round-up of the newest nutrition obsessions that you may want to get on board with.

Intermittent Fasting

“Everyone I work with is interested in intermittent fasting,” says New York-based holistic nutritionist Carly Johnson Brawner. This diet is about restricting the times at which you eat, not necessarily your actual food consumption.” Intermittent fasting looks different for everyone and can consist of 12-hour fasts (while sleeping), short eating windows during the day, or 24-hour fasts a few times a week or month,” she explains. Fasting is believed to decrease inflammation, oxidative stress, cholesterol, and one’s risk of cancer while increasing your body’s capacity to burn fat.

The Ketogenic Diet

Commonly referred to as ‘the keto diet’, this eating plan is designed to use fat as daily fuel for your body. It’s thought to increase brain health, aid appetite control and support weight loss. “I generally recommend a cyclical ketogenic diet where one will go in and out of ketosis to create metabolic flexibility,” she says. Fair warning, this restrictive diet is a difficult one to adhere to.

5 New Nutrition Trends You Need to Know About


Whole30 is a 30-day diet that eliminates sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy intake.”I’ve seen the Whole30 program help people lose weight, strengthen their relationship with food, break up with sugar, and cut out processed food,” says Brawner. “It’s something I highly recommend to people who want to learn more about a real food lifestyle and evaluate their personal eating patterns.”


Thanks to the accessibility and increasing legality in America CBD oils are getting some much-deserved attention. According to Brawner, the consumption of this concentrated oil is responsible for a variety of health benefits. While on-trend restaurants are experimenting with the CBD-infused offerings, many are taking to ingesting the oil in order to decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, nausea, inflammation and pain.

5 New Nutrition Trends You Need to Know About