Best Reveals On ‘The Masked Singer’ So Far

‘The Masked Singer’ is the brand-new American singing contest that has celebrities competing as contestants. In a unique twist to the normal singing contest format, celebrities perform incognito while donning head-to-toe costumes. The show has a talented panel of judges who rate each act and eliminate those they feel have not made the cut. When contestants’ identities are finally revealed the audience and judges are usually left in shock, and here are some of the most surprising reveals.
Ryan Reynolds
Before America’s ‘The Masked Singer’ even aired, Ryan appeared on South Korea’s version of the show and it was hilarious. The Dead pool actor showed off his singing talents while wearing a cute unicorn mask and costume (isn’t that just something Deadpool would do?). His emotional rendition of the ‘The Sun Will Come Out’ made his final reveal even more shocking.
Tommy Chong
His time on the show was brief with Tommy being voted out after his first performance. While it wasn’t a perfect rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will survive’, after the comedian’s recent health scare his commitment to the performance was commendable. When Tommy, who was dressed as a muscular anthropomorphic pineapple, revealed himself the judges gave him a standing ovation.
Tori Spelling

This actress turned author was asked to join the cast of the show three times before she finally agreed. Despite her fear of singing Tori sang her heart out and made it through until week 5 when she was eliminated. After her winning performance of ‘the fight song’, the actress could have a singing career in her future!
Rikki Lake
While the talk show host appeared on the show dressed as a raven, Rikki Lake can sing like a beautiful songbird! Audiences were shocked when her identity was revealed as no one would have guessed that she could sing so well. Here rendition of ‘Rainbow’ by Kesha was so good that Rikki won the second round, but eventually, Rikki was eliminated in the 6th week of the competition.
Originally the hip-hop star didn’t expect to be in the competition long, but he ended up wowing the crowds with his melodious crooning. although the hip-hop star is best known for his use of autotune, this contestant has some amazing pipes! He was the first season winner and both the judges and the audience were surprised when his identity was finally revealed.
Rumer Willis
Daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, this actress/singer is Hollywood royalty and her performance was well suited to her title. Disguised as a golden lion, Rumer managed to make it pretty far in the competition. While her parents may be best known for their acting skills, Rumer is a natural-born singer. After her performances, we won’t be surprised if she scoops up a record deal and a handful of Grammy’s.

Best Revels On ‘The Masked Singer’ So Far