The Best Snatch Games on RuPaul's Drag Race

Snatch Game has long since been a fan favorite on RuPaul’s Drag Race and every season we look forward to watching the contestants show off their celebrity personalization talents and improv skills. The game is a parody of the game show ‘Match Game’, but of course with RuPaul’s unique spin. Here are some of the best snatch game contestants on RuPaul’s drag race.
Jinx Monsoon as Little Edie
This comedy queen has some serious acting skills which we all got to see during her season. Even though the celebrity chosen by Jinx for the snatch game was a little obscure, her choice of Little Edie has been one of the best. Jinx is known as the queen of comedy quirks and she perfectly showed off some of the funniest quirks of the character, along with famous lines and the perfect accent.
Alaska as Mae West
While Alaska didn’t turn heads in her first snatch game, when it came to All-Stars, Alaska made sure to step up her game when she appeared as the original queen of crass, Miss Mae West. Alaska’s improvisation skills, whenever possible Alaska had a snappy Mae West-inspired come- back that drew on the former actress’s sexuality and bawdy double entendres. With grace and hilarity, Alaska called forth the spirit of Mae West as she put her own campy spin on Mae’s timeless lines.

Pearl as Big Ang
It may not be easy to play the late ‘Mob Wife’s’ star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, but with Pearl’s rough but hilarious responses, this drag queen really nailed the character. While some in the past may have accused Pearl of having no personality, when it came time for Snatch Game, Pearl made sure to bring Big Ang’s personality to the forefront. Pearl clocked the voice, mannerisms, and appearance and was hilarious in the process.
Sharon Needles as Michelle Visage
While other contestants would have preferred to play it safe, Sharan Needles took a risk and decided to impersonate RuPaul’s best friend and fellow judge, Michelle Visage. While it was a risk making fun of Michelle, RuPaul loved it! With Sharon’s detailed knowledge of Michelle and RuPaul’s early years in the New York Club scene as well as Sharon’s over the top portrayal of Michelle, Sharon was able to deliver a side-stitching performance. And it was so funny Michelle even enjoyed it.
Ginger Minj as Adele

Ginger Minj performed a brutally funny rendition of Adel, and it was raw perfection. She never shied away from an opening and was quick on her comedy feet. Ginger managed to create a character of Adele that wasn’t accurate, but it was hilarious. With her perfect accent and great use of props, Ginger Minj had everyone laughing out loud. We are not sure just how accurate much her rendition of Adele was, but it was absolutely hysterical.