How To Exercise During Your 9 to 5 Desk Job

Sitting at a desk all day does not do anything for your body. In fact, it can actually have a myriad of negative effects like weight gain and anxiety. But there are a few simple exercises that you can do at your desk or in your office that will help to get you centered and working on your fitness. Here are just a few to try the next time you find yourself sitting at your desk and wishing you could be a bit more active.

Seated Leg Planks
While you are sitting at your desk even if you are in a cubicle you can do a raised leg plank. Scoot to the edge of your seat and then lift up and extend your leg straight in front of you. Once your leg is extended you will want to hold it parallel to the floor for a minimum of ten seconds. Then repeat this with your other leg for a series of ten reps on each side. Over time you may wish to hold it for longer or do more reps but this exercise will strengthen your entire leg.

Raise Your Shoulders
Sitting all day and typing is especially hard on the shoulders which can be subject to repetitive stress injuries. To try and avoid those, doing shoulder raises periodically throughout the day can relieve some tension. You can choose to raise both shoulders up to your ears or do them on at a time and then hold the raise for around 10 seconds and repeat. This will help to loosen up your muscles.
This exercise might look a little bit odd while at your desk but it is one of the best ones for strengthening your core and your arms. You will need a chair with armrests for this one. Remove your elbows from the armrests and instead place your hands there. Then, with your back straight push up with your hands and hold yourself off the chair for around 10 seconds. You should try to repeat this at least ten times.

This is more of a stretch than an exercise but an equally important one. If you find yourself slouching or hunched over your keyboard your back may be quite sore. Try to maintain good posture and once seated upright, take your left hand and move it behind your left hip, then twist at the waist for a spine twist. This should help to alleviate any pressure that you may be feeling from being seated for hours. If at the end you still feel like you need to move around a bit more, take a short walk around the office.